API Features How to use BCA’s API


BCA menyediakan Dokumentasi API BCA yang bisa didapatkan di www.developer.bca.co.id dan dapat digunakan sebagai panduan integrasi dengan API BCA.
To acess BCA's API Sandbox you can get do it free.
Sandbox API BCA is facility that can be acessed through BCA's API website in which you can do testing BCA's API (request and response) by using dummy static data has already been provided
No. Acess token can be used for the whole BCA's API services availabe with limitation of 1 hour usaage.
API key, API Secret, Client ID and Client Secret is a group of credentials served as third-party application identity to start acessing BCA's API

Ways to do Telnet to BCA's API developer server:

  1. Open "Command Prompt"
  2. Typing Command for Telnet (Exampe: Telnet devapi.klikbca.com 443) or can be adjusted by command that fit to each co-partner's sytem.
Use Utilities feature within MyAPIs (make sure you're already login) to get token acess from Oauth process.
Login first before you can continue to get credential so that you can begin acessing BCA's API Sanbox
Choose Tab My APIs (make sure you're already login), choose Utilities - Signature, choose Expand Operations, fill parameter required and clicking button "try it out". This Signature can only be acessed through Sandbox API BCA.
BCA's API uses REST API with JSON format .
Yes. Each application will have different credentials, thus request access token will be required for each application


BCA's API is service from BCA to provide easiness in doing financial transaction instruction, such as: balance checking, mutation checking, transfer and other things from your platform (website/application).
Find further information about the cost of BCA's API, here

Apply for BCA's API application form here and once it's approved, so then you can start to integrate your system with BCA's API.

For further information regarding BCA's API partnership, you may contact us through

Halo BCA Bisnis di 1500998 or through email of halobca@bca.co.id

BCA's API provides solution to fulfill your financial service needs, reduce time and cost that usually occur in manual way. It enables you to solely focus expanding your business without have to worry about the complexity behind whole this process.

In order for your application get connected with BCA's API, you can follow these following steps:

  1. Learn and find BCA's API features that might fit you. You can make an account to start exploring and testing phase toward BCA's API features.
  2. Apply for partnership with BCA's API here
  3. Integrate your business platform with BCA's API and get its easiness.
To find out your BCA's API partnership application status, contact us here

Do please explore BCA's API features here suitable to your business needs. If there's a feature make your interested and you eagerly wanting to integrate them with your platform, apply now for partnership here

If you can't still find features interesting you and able to fulfill your business needs, please contact us for further discussion in here