API Features How to use BCA’s API

Create account

  1. Register first before you can make an account.
  2. Checking your inbox to check on email from us. If you haven’t received email yet, please checking your spam folder.
  3. Follow the registration path and fill available forms, then get in.

Get Client ID

  1. Start to register application on your API’s keys. API’s Keys is the space room to add and managing your application.
  2. Once API’s Keys is opened, clicking Register New Application. You’ll be required to answer questions about your product or application.
  3. After your application is confirmed, you will get Client ID. Copy this information and put in the save area.

Testing in Sandbox

Pick the features you want to test. Our API Documentation will guide you how to format your HTTPS request.

Don’t forget to bring your token access and required information needed. Then use response for your application. Find all of your busines needs through our API Sandbox.

Walking and running further with us

Once your API integration system is active, you can now start to build your application by synergizing with various features and tools within our API. Experiencing the seamless and impactful business integration with us.